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Hey, I'm a 18 year old girl from Inverness, I love Little Mix, One Direction and The Saturdays.Level 13 gymnast!Also professional dancer, I've danced in some shows before.Plus loads of running and gymnastics trophies and medals.Love my wee cousin AmyHorlinson<3 please check out her movellas, she is an amazing writer for her age!Check out mine too, and if you wanna ask me a question, or just chat, email me and my wee cousins shared email address at freyacroud74@live.co.uk

  • Boo Bear's Boo Bearette
    Just wanted to say sorry bout the mixup of names in Chapter two. It should be Kayleigh's POV, not Amy's POV. Soz!
    Take Your Love Seriously
    Take Your Love Ser...
    Kayleigh Horan is Niall Horan from One Direction's sister.When Kayleigh falls in love and marries Louis from the band, Niall isn't all that happy.But what will he do when he finds out a bigger secret?Will...
  • Boo Bear's Boo Bearette
    Amayzayn!Please update!I love your writing style girl!:D xxx
    "You've taken me, Louis.And now you can have me." Nicola Jenning is a normal 20 year old woman.When she is at a One Direction concert in the UK, when she leaves someone takes her, after her passing out...
  • Boo Bear's Boo Bearette
    Heyy can I have an imagine?
    Movellas name:Boo Bear's Boo Bearette
    Full Name: Breeze Hartley
    Birthday: 16th July 1993
    Hair Colour: Light Pink!
    Eye colour: Blue/Green
    Outfit to wear: Orange SuperDry hoodie, light brown skinny jeans, grey ugg's and lots of make-up.Hair in messy bun
    1D boy- Louis
    One Direction imagines
    One Direction imag...
    Book of One Direction imagines.If you want one, then comment below your movellas name, full name, age, birthday, hair colour, eye colour, outfit to wear and a 1D boy.You can make stuff up if you want,...
    5 years ago
    your imagine is up!
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