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"I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us"

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Here's a badge: (@)---- . If you have time, I would really appreciate feedback on some of my work. Thank you if you bothered to read this. :)

  • bobsicle

    Help and advice

    1 months agoReply
    If anyone wants me to review/critique a movella then I would be happy to do so. Comment the name of it below and I will give full feedback when I have the time (which won't be that long afterwards). :)
  • bobsicle

    mumbled "The Fallen"

    1 months agoReply
    I have just edited what I have written of The Fallen so far (only about half a chapter, so it didn't take very long) but I realise that I write at a very slow pace. I'm looking for a co-author for it, preferably someone who knows my writing style quite well and doesn't mind over-descriptive, over-emotional stuff (because that's where it's headed). The plot is going to be kind of dramatic and I only have a brief idea of it myself. :) If anyone's interested, reply to this mumble. :)
    1 months ago
    I've also changed the name to Falling Grace... idk it just seems more unique. :)
  • bobsicle

    mumbled "Greenpeace dirty tuna"

    1 months agoReply
    https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/dirty-t.. - This video shows the shocking fishing methods used by some tuna companies that are hurting huge numbers of other creatures, including many species of shark and turtle. Please watch it and join the campaign. I realise this isn't why most of you come on here - to get bombarded by eco-ness - but this is important. Please.
  • bobsicle
    1 months agoReply
    This is really terrifying. You have genuinely creeped me out with your dark and powerful writing and the fearful sense of not knowing. As always with your work, it is the little descriptive details that have a lot of impact. You deserve to win the competition with this. I'm not just saying that, I mean it.
    Lock Your Door
    Lock Your Door
    for the Trick or Treat competition. Whatever you do, make sure you lock your door tonight.
    1 months ago
    Aw thanks so much! It honestly isn't my best, but I love writing horror, so it was a load of fun.
  • bobsicle
    1 months agoReply
    I love the structure and pattern of this poem as it emphasises the horror elements and makes it seem as though the poem is creeping towards you bit by bit. The language is amazing and creates a strong, dark mood. Good luck in the competition! :)
    Darkened Alley
    Darkened Alley
    So this is an attempt for the Halloween competition...I haven't really written a proper thriller/horror poem before so hopefully it's scary enough!
    1 months ago
    Thank you so much, I'm really glad you like it!
    Thanks again for commenting :)
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