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    my name is emrald i am applying to go on my favourite show the M factor its my first live show i feel like im going to be sick 100 times im very nervous today im singing live while we are young by one direction i thought i sang very well the next day i got a phone call saying i got through to the next final in los angles for one week my judge was cheryl cole the next day i and chery were screeming are heads of i arrive in los angles in suprise im sharing a house with adeal , jessie j and girls aloud i have always wanted to meet adeal and jessie j its a one in a life time opportunity to meet them its going to be a week of nerves and singing but after rehersals its a week of partying and crazy antics like party animals

    i am brought in as a surprise finalist for the 2012 show i am in the thirteenth finalist unfortunately my friends who i have been sharing a house with down get in i am with 9 bands of boys and 4 groups of dancers i cant believe i got here its like im in a dream my friend take me under there wing supporting me when i need it its only three weeks till the live semi finals i am getting all the spotlight i am being intevies every day by bbc 1 news i ust found out my best friend ruby johnson is in the top 5 finals i know the competion is getting hotter all of the bands are really good i dont know how the judges can decide of just 1 act
    it the night me and ruby are rehersing and we are sortibg alla re makeup out in half a hour we will be live on tv so i decide to warm my voice up and practise my song till the words are sank into my head thats are que to go on ruby is first i didnt dare look i was so nervous well done ruby you were on fire now edward was up he only boy who was left and it was now my turm i imagened every body was wearing just there underwear so i didnt feel embrased 5 mniutes later i was finished i had one the M fqctor everbody was clapping and screeming well done my dream came true ...
    bobble head
    5 years ago
    do u like it !!!!!!!!!!!
    5 years ago
    I don't think I have the M Factor
    Noele Leon
    5 years ago
    Please for gods sake use punctuation D:

    And I have read this somewhere else btw... I think you should use your own....
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    the hairy armed hitchhiker

    A young woman returns to her car from a day's shopping. She had parked her car in the town's multi-story car park.

    As she approaches the car she notices someone sitting in the back seat. She cautiously checks the registration plate to see if it is indeed her car, as it is a popular model and color. The car is indeed hers, and as she gets closer she sees that it's an old woman sitting in the back seat.

    She asks the woman how and why she is sitting in her car.

    The old woman replies that she had been shopping with her son and family but felt unwell and returned to the car to rest. She obviously had mistaken the young woman's car for her son's, as it was the same model and color. The old woman then asks to be driven to a hospital, as she is still feeling unwell. The young woman agrees.

    As she gets into the driver's seat something makes her very nervous about the situation and she asks the old woman if she is feeling well enough to direct her as she reverses the car out of the parking place. The old woman agrees, gets out of the car and proceeds to direct the reversing maneuver.

    As soon as the young woman has the car out of the parking space she speeds out of the car park, leaving the old woman stranded. She then drives straight to the nearest police station and reports the incident.

    A police officer then searched the car and found an axe concealed under the driver's seat.

    The young woman had had a lucky escape!

    Jordan Philips
    5 years ago
    Hi, thanks for entering but this hasn't been counted. Please make sure that you upload it as a new movella and enter it into the competition using the 'Join This Competition' button in the corner.
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    justine bieber in his young ages one less lonely girl
    the story is a girl called samather is a really lonely girl but justin meets her when he is going to work samather is on the streets she is a homeless girl justin says to her it doesent mean how many promeses she makes or how many tears fall to the floor she will be his he is coming for her on the 13 th febuary they will make a life together forever no matter what
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