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Red is my best friend and the reason I created this account
(That way I don't need to beg to look at it on her ipod)
I am probably the one to blame for any accidental deletions, or as red calls it 'sappy writing' she means soppy, and I know she is thinking $hï++y
but I also know she secretly loves it, but just doesn't want to admit it.

  • bobbi.reid
    6 years agoReply
    Nice work:)
    Winter Haze
    Winter Haze
    Elizabeth has always been a fun loving girl but this Winter everything changes for her. Her acting career really takes off and she meets One Direction. Will she fall for one of them? If she does will they...
  • bobbi.reid
    6 years agoReply
    Depending on how you take the title of chapter 10 :) and also if u remember what emotions was going to be called:) classy much????
    Tell Me Now
    Tell Me Now
    (1D Aren't Famous) Isabella has had a hard life ever since her parents died. She's back in the real world after three long years and hasn't talked to her best friend Louis for years. But when they meet...
    Red ❤
    6 years ago
    Pse stop unneeded comments
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