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    Sorry guys! I gave up on this story. I don't ever get on this site anymore. If you still want to read my stories, please go on Wattpad.com and search for Aly_Koke or StarsAlign_98. My most current stories are on there including a One Direction fanfic that is completed. I'm so sorry guys, but this story sucked.....
    A secret I never knew.(A One Direction Fan Fiction)
    A secret I never...
    Hi, I'm Megan Siner. Yeah Nice name huh? I'm a foster kid, currently living with my 9th set of foster parents. In the last three years, I've been to Nine different homes. Up until now, my life has been...
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    Can you plz read Allison?

    5 years agoReply
    Can you please read and give me positive(and a little CC) feedback. 'Allison' is entered in the Sony comp. And I really would like feedback.
  • Blutyger
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    Can you please read 'Allison'? It'd mean a lot to me!!!!
    AllisonWhat is you had a chance to start over in a new place, with new faces, and nothing to worry about. To have a clean slate with every body in town? Allis...
  • Blutyger
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    can I have one with Liam, clean please, and a long one? My name is Alyssa. You don't have to if you odn't wanna. :)
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    What boy? Where at? Long, short, or mid? Clean or dirty? Your name? And your description. Comment and I will write you an imagine. <3
    Sure thing, and i will have it posted as soon as i can, im normally on my phone instead of my moms computer but internet just went off my phone so i will try to get it published :-)
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