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I am both a fanfiction and fiction amateur writer.
I am 18, and still childish & immature. Bare with my slow updates cos I'm a full time procrastinator and have actual life out of my writing world. :)

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    mumbled "Soo... Trump just won."

    Okay, so I'm not an American citizen, but the result of this election concerns me. Some of my relatives live there, and I'm scared for them.
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    mumbled "I'm on VACATION. :D"

    Summer vacation has officially started, and that only means I could now invest my time in posting new updates of my book here on Movellas. :)
    Please check it out when you have time.

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    mumbled "So I was MIA. >.<"

    So I was MIA for weeks (?) :)
    --okay, who am I kidding? I've been gone for like a month or so... But that doesn't necessarily mean I abandoned my story "Fall in Love Again". I was just busy with school, being lazy, and procrastinating. But hopefully I'm back... like totes.

    Anyway... There's an update for FiLA. :D
    go read it... when you have time... if you like Justin Bieber. PLEASE?
    love you! :*
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    mumbled "I UPDATED..."

    I have updated my JBFanfiction just now. Please read it if you can. :)
    I'd like to meet some new friends too. So, come by my profile and say hi!

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