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Hello Fellow Movellaers!! Welcome and I hope you like my stuff :P!!

Random Facts About Me:

My full name is Madison Nonya Business...lol

I just turned seventeen! XD

I'm an awful dancer, and I secretly sing (most people call it screeching) in the shower.

Totally obsessed with ketchup and jam, can't eat fries or toast without them!

I write to put all my daydreams on paper, literally...it's insane how many ideas I get during school.

My favorite book of all time (or rather series) is the Molly Murphy books by Rhys Bowen...they are amazing! And I'll love any tragedy story I can get my hands on XD

I'm a Christian and God is Awesome!

I came across Movella by accident...then it was love at first sight.

Sadly, I'm an awful updater at times...just bear with me though
:(...sorry in advance

I'm a introvert who can pretend to be an extravert...but alone with my computer and a good story to write is my happy place.

Criticism is always helpful, don't hesitate to fill me in. We all need improvements.

Florence and The Machine are amazing!!! I also love Kimbra, Sara Barielles, and Daughter, The Wanted...not sure which ones the best though.

Surprisingly I don't have a celebrity crush...yeah, I don't know how I don't.

First chance I get, I'm going to Europe and never coming back. Next destination is Asia!

I'm not really shy about my writing, but my poetry? Yeah, that's another story lol.

Bonus fact (lol):
Maya Angelou and Dr. Seuss are amazing...'Still I Rise' is something you have to read...in addition to every book by Dr. Seuss!


"Say what you want and be who you are, because those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter." ~Dr. Seuss

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."~Maya Angelou

  • bluelipstick12
    I love the humor! XD It made me laugh. You've done a good job and I have a soft spot for sport teen fictions so...you have another readerrrr haha!

    Well as soon as I figure out how to add this to my library :P

    Evans vs. Evans
    Evans vs. Evans
    They always say that sharing is caring. Share your toys, share your food, share your friends, etc. But what happens when you're asked to share your name? Your team? Your position? Your school?...
    2 years ago
    Evans is really my last name :)
  • bluelipstick12

    mumbled "Returning Movellaer"

    I've decided to become active on my movella account again (currently I've just been on wattpad) and it feels like so much has changed.

    Or is it just me?
  • bluelipstick12
    Very catching my friend, instantly my attention was caught when you mentioned 'the infected'. I love how you include details that allow us to visualize what you're writing about and help us travel to the story, so to speak. And the way you described how his brother died was graphic and heart-wrenching. Honestly, you have a fantastic beginning and the way you end keeps the reader waiting for more.

    My only critique is that you split up some of your paragraphs. They are a little massive which makes them seem daunting and can accidently have reading skipping small sentences or missing details.

    The Last Of Us (Press Start To Join Entry)
    The Last Of Us (Pr...
    Entry For Press Start To Join Competition. Matthew O'Connor surviving in a land owned by the dead.
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