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I'm a teenage girl whose school blocked Wattpad, just because of private messaging. >=(
But now I'm loving this site! =)
I'm a fan of:
Steven Universe
Gravity Falls
And the classic Powerpuff Girls

  • Blooky Dapper
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    Beautiful Chapter, can't wait for more!
    AWAKE || A Ticci Toby Fanfiction
    AWAKE || A Ticci...
    When Ticci Toby is given the chance to become normal again, he jumps at the chance! But humanity comes at a price... (Cover by goofy__nialler)
    Leesa Crakon
    1 years ago
    Thank you. :)
  • Blooky Dapper
    You could devide the different subjects or 'I am's' into different paragraphs. Maybe add some stories to those fun facts!
    Sapphire's Journey
    Sapphire's Journey
    A seventeen year old girl goes on many adventurous trips. Including the dragons home Dragonsdale, dragon fire falls, and many other places. Yet danger may still lurk.....
    Elemental shapeshifter
    I'm sorry, I don't quite understand.....��
    Blooky Dapper
    1 years ago
    Have some fun stories about Sapphire that connect to her farming and the other stuff she does. Maybe a flash back to people treating her differently because she likes dragons.
    Elemental shapeshifter
  • Blooky Dapper
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    I love the latest chapter! Thank you for updating! :)
    Fading Away: A Hetalia Fanfiction *TRIGGER WARNING!
    Fading Away: A Het...
    After the death of a loved one, America is fading away, and it hurts. He hides his pain from the other nations, not wanting them to think he is weak, to think that he isn't a hero. Can someone find out...
    Leesa Crakon
    2 years ago
    No problem, I'm glad you like it! :)
  • Blooky Dapper
    Is the Shatter Me chapter based off of Stirlingz song? Please excuse my spelling...
    This Earth Will Always Turn [Hetalia One-shots]
    This Earth Will...
    This Earth will always turn for us, creating memories and stories that will be passed down for years to come. --ReaderxCountry-- --CountryxCountry-- --Requests are accepted!--
    Biscuits and Discontent
    Yeah! I really love that song!
  • Blooky Dapper

    mumbled "Gonna be gone...."

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    The device that I use for mainly online purposes is owned by my school and will not be able to access internet this weekend, see you all later!
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