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I once couldn't keep my pen down and was constantly writing all the time, my passion for writing led to me being accepted into an amazing art(s) school. I haven't written a full-length story in a while and I'm using Wattpad and Movellas as a way to get back into my writing habit.

~I love action and horror
~I hope to one day write a book and become an author
~I'm kind of weird and I have a dark sense of humor

~I'm obsessed with a little brown girl named Liza Koshy and a showstopper named Gabrielle Hanna

~I have puns for days thanks to a wonderful lamp god by the name of Ryan Higa

~Lastly, I'm a one lover and I support all.

I respect the opinions that people are entitled to unless that opinion disrespects the existence of another human being, then you can go eff yourself (JK?)

" Never let your failures stop you from reaching towards success."~ Me

  • Blissful Dreams
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    This is my first time using movellas but I still entered. Even though I know that no one is going to read my one-shot. Still glad that I took an advantage of this opportunity to write a story, even if it was short.
    Skye S
    9 months ago
    Short stories are still good stories @[Blissful Dreams] and our judges (me included) always read competition entries so the idea that "no one is going to read" your one-shot is simply not true XD

    Nice work writing it then! It's fun to take part in writing competitions like this one because even if you don't win, you'll still receive feedback from others that'll help your writing in future competitions too. Let me know if you have any questions about the competition since this is all new <3 Thanks.
    Blissful Dreams
    9 months ago
    Thanks for replying! I'm usually a pessimist when it comes to publishing any stories of mine, thanks for the optimism.
    Skye S
    7 months ago
    You're welcome :) I'm usually a pessimist too tbh but I meant what I said. Keep it up I say!
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