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im Nazzy or Halo thats what my best guy friend calls me. IM FREAKIN CRAZY

  • bleeding_lover
    Update more, I need more :)
    Same Love
    Same Love
    Joey is gay, no other way to say it, unless you want to say that he's homosexual. Nobody knows but Joey. He wants to be with Loki, more than anything in the world. Joey is one of the coolest people in...
    Nitori Mikoshiba
    3 years ago
    Patience Bae, and where the hell have you been, I haven't seen you in forever!
  • bleeding_lover
    i wasn't mad at you i was thinking about something that was very personal for me. something i don't think about a lot lushly you always have me i promise and this promise will never be broken
    That One Person
    That One Person
    I'm online, about 90% of the day, the other 10% is for sleep. I roleplay, and I love anime. I'm England, I am a country, no don't ask why? Just read and you'll understand. I go by Iggy, and most of my...
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