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  • blanchedubois
    Wow! I love this! :) Excellent work!
    Prince Charming
    Prince Charming
    A poem from Dorian Gray's point of view on his romance with Sibyl Vane. It tells of his initial infatuation up until her death. In the poem it is as if he views the whole affair as a play or a piece...
    6 years ago
    Thanks, yours is brilliant too. Click the like button if you wish :)
  • blanchedubois
    Very eerie! I love the way that the juxtaposition of viewpoints conveys the mutual dependence of the characters and the seamless fluctuations between the past and the present create a chilling read! I especially like the phrases 'circumnavigated feasibility' and 'before disappearing into someone else's narrative'! Please write more! :)
    The Ghost Barge
    The Ghost Barge
    A young father, Gabriel, returns with his small daughter Margaret to the barge of his childhood adventures. Does she have the imagination and insight required to sense this vessel? Set in Victorian...
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