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Hi... Well
Here are some things you should know:
-I'm an awkward turtle
-I like reading and writing
-I like One direction
-Haters gonna hate
-But I'm not a hater :P
-I like penguins
-Feel free to email me:

  • Blake (^w^)

    mumbled "Hi there"

    4 years agoReply
    Hey I'm Blake! I was told to make this account by a friend because i love writing and reading! Suggest some good books for me to read (;
    Eve Smallman
    4 years ago
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    Hey Blake and welcome! Here's a few Movellas which I think are brilliant and should hopefully entertain you:

    A poem with a great use of personification by one of the best poets on here:

    The Sun and the SeaThis is a poem about the relationship the sun and sea have.

    An Assassins Creed fan fiction which is amazing, whether you've played the game or not:

    Assassin's Creed: ReminiscenceA fan fiction based on the epic video game Assassin's Creed - set in the Holy Land before the birth of Altair ibn LaAhad [And don't forget to hit the...

    A story told in two perspectives, which has a little bit of everything in there:

    The PastLandon is shy, lonely, mysterious. But he was popular, once. The years since his father was murdered he's been an outsider. No one really matters to him,...

    And then a unique mystery story which has a very compelling storyline:

    The Bleeding DaggerA girl, Angel, seeks to find something long lost... perhaps something that has been lost for far too long. After falling from a tree in the middle of the...

    Let me know if you need any help or have any questions!
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