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Check out my bestie, jadadirectioner! Just wanted to start with that! She`s amazing! Now back to the main attraction, the incredibly beautiful, smart, funny, amazing and modest me! Let's start with bullet points about me... bullet points are always fun, right? No? Whatever, this isn't your profile. Unless I'm secretly you. Which would be weird...

-Mary's the name, feel free to use it (Just don't go claiming you're me... that would just be creepy)
-I play the saxomophone. Yes. The saxomophone.
-I like cats
-I like music
-I want a cupcake
-I'm leaving to go get a cupcake
-Just kidding... we don't have any cupcakes :(
-I have four besties, we call ourselves the four burritos, and our other bestie is our Taco (The five burritos just dosn't have the same ring... sowwry Hayley)
-My friends and I seem to like mexican foods.
-I like music, Sara Bareilles and OneRepublic are my fav's :3
-I like using faces :3 >.< :L :) :( :# :$ ;) :'(
-I talk loud. Like REALLY loud.
-Um... I'm running out of stuff to put here to try to make you guys laugh (Which I'm probably failing at)
-I'm sorry this is so long
-My twitter is @FourBurritos, feel free to tweet me :3
-I especially overuse this face :3
-Derp derp derp
-*Bursts out in song*
-Oh yeah, forgot to mention Adele... Love her music too :3 (See? I overuse that face! Someone help!)
-SOOOOOOO yeah... I think you got a pretty good glimpse at my randomness, tweet me if you want more :P
And now for my super long life story... just kidding, that would be boring as eff!

Make sure you check out my bestie Jada's movellas, she's amazing! Her pen name is jadadirectioner... guess what her favourite band is ;)

I like cats. Meow.

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    Danielle, you're a great writer and I'm in love with this story BUT you have to be REALLY careful that you're not going too fast and just glossing over major details, slow down the moment a little bit. But YAYYYY I'm so glad you're back!!!
    Hair, Make-Up, and Love
    Hair, Make-Up, and...
    Hairstylest for a member of a famous boyband. They fall in love read to find out more!!
    5 years ago
    Yea I was afraid I do that sometimes thanks for pointing it out!!
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    Sigh... alrighty guys, bout to buckle down and try to start a 'lil bit on a new rough draft, but please, if you guys want me to update more often share this story and help me get it up there a bit! Also, be sure to check out jadadirectioner's stories, she's so talented!!!!!!!!!
    Safe Haven
    Safe Haven
    Plot is currently being changed... Just... just read it already. It won't suck... I hope READDDD ITTTT!!!!
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    mumbled "Still working on it!"

    Still working on new chapter guys.... sowwry you have to wait! If I could I would release it now, but I can`t, not until finish the draft and edit. I have about 1/2 of the draft done :) Love you all!
    5 years ago
    Good- just comming back from a school trip to Quebec- I feel bad... I re-read this mumble and remembered I havn't updated since god-knows-when >.<

    How are you?
    5 years ago
    If you meant am I going to try to come back to movellas, yeah I may write some more in the summer, if you meant was I still there to talk, my phone died on the bus ride back home :P and yeah, I'm not really a fan of DW, but I'll check it out if I have the time :)
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