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    mumbled "Hero of Water"

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    Hey guys, it's Blade back with another blog
    I've decided that for this story, since you guess are probably wanting to read this I've decided to just send it out by chapters.
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    mumbled "NEW YEAR 2013 COMING UP"

    6 years agoReply
    Hey guys, sorry I haven't being posting any blogs yet, and for keeping you waiting on The Hero of Water, but I'll assure you I'll get it done in time, and when I do get it done I'll send it out a week from it and tell you first, and the sneak peek will still be there though
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    mumbled "The Hero of Water review"

    6 years agoReply
    Hey people, it's Blade.
    I'm jut here to tell you my story, The Hero of Water is still making everyone wait for a while, I'm not sure when it's going to come out but I'll make sure to work on it sooner.
    It's probably going to take a lot of time to get down the story so don't worry I'll even give you a quick start on Chapter One, just search up
    The Hero of WaterA 12-year old named Loic Dean who is a son of Posidean that now joins Camp Half-Blood, he goes on in an adventure with his friends Ty and Zendaya, even...
    and the first chapter will give you a sneak peek at the book.
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