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Hey!! I'm here to read and write a little! :p I hope you guys like what I write, thank you to people who read my stuff and I love you guys!

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    Hey guys!!! Important message here! I had this weird bug, while writing my chapters, and now I can't post anymore. It's really confusing cause it won't let me do anything with my story, I'm really disappointed, so I may just try and take it off or something. If you have any other ideas, do tell me, I'm going to keep it up with this message for at least a month an if nobody replies, I guess I'm going to have to take it down :( it was a pleasure for those who supported me throughout the chapters! A big thank you to Kitkatkooboo, honestly if it weren't for you, I would have probably quit. Thanks so much!
    One drink
    One drink
    Kat wakes up in bed naked with the famous Harry Styles. She constantly rejects him but he won't back down. Will she fall for him after all his attempts? Or will she keep rejecting him? #Harry
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    J'adore! Et je dit pas sa simplement a cause je suis ta meilleure amie! Tu as des questions a me repondre demain toi ;)
    Plus Spécial que tu ne le croit
    Plus Spécial que...
    Cette fiction n'est basser sur aucun manga aucun anime aucun film rien ces mois qui la creer de A a Z. Résumé:Laurence est une jeune fille de 16 ans. Elle mene une petite vie tranquille jusquau...
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    Merci ! Et qu'elle question???
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    Lol, I was reading the last chapter and kept trying to swipe as trying to convince myself: it's not over, I'm not at the last chapter she's written about, there's still at least one more before I haft to wait for the next one, and then have up and let the facts be real. Anyway! Love this story, hope you write soon
    Little Did I Know
    Little Did I Know
    Eliza Bowman has never been one to stand out, and she despised any attention that is directed towards her. When she leaves for college, Eliza is welcomed into a group of people that is completely different...
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    I think I just died reading this book! XD
    Dumb FanFic Moments
    Dumb FanFic Moment...
    this is a pretty pointless movella with alot of reads.Thanks.. 12•17•14 Just realized I slept "a lot" wrong..oops 1•5•15 Just realized I spelt "spelt" wrong. I'm an idiot.
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