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Hi there everyone who decided to stop by my profile! I hope you hit that fan button and I hope you enjoy at least one of my stories! When I joined this site I didn't think I would get that many likes and fans but I'm so happy I did! :) You all are the best! Music is one of my biggest inspiration, the other is you guys! :) I have a problem of making a new story every time I get a new idea /).(\ hope you guys don't mind! Anyway thanks for stopping by! Come again lovelies! <3

My Movellas Family(:
Sisters- @GabBones @AshtonsBoo @WolfLover191 @ILYBabe1993 @5SOSloverforever

I am part of the Nightclore family :)

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I love all of my fans! x

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    mumbled "Anyone out there?"

    I've been in and out of Movellas for a bit, but it doesn't seem like anyone is interested anymore.... Hit me up if you are still here and a fan of mine.
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    mumbled "Photoshop issues."

    Trying so hard to figure out how to use this photoshop app.... ugh man. someone help please?
    1 years ago
    Whats it called?
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    mumbled "GUYS!!!!"

    I wonder how many of you guys actually read my mumbles, and this will hopefully tell me. First off please go read:

    So Far Away, Yet So CloseAfter a dreadful six months of pain and loss, Mia decides it's time for a change. So she travels across country to her new home in Huntington Beach. Once...

    And please give me your feedback.

    Second I would love to do some more Co-Author stories but I need some co-authors! Please comment if you are willing to help me :) I have some stories just waiting to be written I just need some help. So please comment if you are willing, I'll need a way to get a hold of you too so please comment that too!

    Also I love all of my fans and I am sorry that I haven't been on much its just that I don't have a laptop anymore so I have to come to the library to get on which is usually only once a week. I'm sorry but I love you all!
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    mumbled "Co-Authors?"

    Anyone wanna write a story together? Or help me with one of mine?
    2 years ago
    I will if you'd like to i don't mind.
    2 years ago
    i'll help too
    Princess K.S.
    2 years ago
    Sure. Is there a certain story?
    Black Cat Suicide<3
    Is there a way I can get a hold of you guys?
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    mumbled "Fast Seven."

    So Sunday I went to see Fast and Furious Seven because well I love the movies, and at the end I cried like a baby. My heart ached soooo bad. But now I can't stop listening to the song See You Again. It even gave me an idea for a story. Stay tuned my loves x.
    2 years ago
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    I cried too!! I love that song <3 x