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Hi there everyone who decided to stop by my profile! I hope you hit that fan button and I hope you enjoy at least one of my stories! When I joined this site I didn't think I would get that many likes and fans but I'm so happy I did! :) You all are the best! Music is one of my biggest inspiration, the other is you guys! :) I have a problem of making a new story every time I get a new idea /).(\ hope you guys don't mind! Anyway thanks for stopping by! Come again lovelies! <3

My Movellas Family(:
Sisters- @GabBones @AshtonsBoo @WolfLover191 @ILYBabe1993 @5SOSloverforever

I am part of the Nightclore family :)

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I love all of my fans! x

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    mumbled "Your Favorite?"

    Hey guys i was wondering who is your favorite singer?
    Who would you love to read a story about?
    What kind of story would you like to read most?
    3 months ago
    I have multiple favorite singers, but if I had to choose one atm, it would be Rihanna.
    Minayal Adil
    3 months ago
    TBH anything KPOP related.
  • Black_Cat_Suicide_x
    Tear In My Heart
    It's about a rehab clinic based about Zayn and Louis, it's a love triangle story. Go ahead and be creative with it :)
    Zireee's Cover Store
    Zireee's Cover Sto...
    You want a cover for your story? You've come to the right place! Hit me up!
    3 months ago
    your cover is done.
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