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  • Kathleen Lydia
    Title: After Happily Ever After
    Author: Lydia Schultz
    Fandom: None
    Theme: Fantasy, Fairytales
    Color used: Teal
    Quote: None
    Additional Info: About two girl best friends names Bailey and Drew. Bailey has blonde hair with red ends and Drew and dirty blonde hair. They are both in the 6th grade. They are in their first year of middle school. They end up going into the fairytale world.
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    Want a cover for your story? Or maybe pictures for your chapters? Well, here at Nirei's Cover Store, you can ask for a new cover, or maybe pics for your special chapter. Possibly, some profile pics. (NO...
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    mumbled "New Start "

    So I decided to delete all my stories and start fresh. The reason is because I had no idea what to do with the stories. It may be a while before a new story is up.
    I do have a few ideas for some upcoming stories just bare with me for awhile!
    -Lydia :p
  • Kathleen Lydia

    mumbled "Hey everybody! "

    So sorry I haven't updated in a long time! Mycomputer has not been working and I've had a major case of writers block. I hope to get atleast one chapter for each of my books up before I go to bed.
  • Kathleen Lydia
    Where/how do you get your cover
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    Gold Black Silver
    She likes her money gold, her heart black, and her men silver. ⓒ Copyright curliesss. All Rights Reserved. [All my work, including prologues/epilogues, chapters, covers, banners, etc, aren't to be copied,...
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