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I'm Taylor the girl. I.E. There's so many boys named Taylor I'm like

*raises hand* I'm a girl.

Okay. Teen Wolf anyone?? I LOVE THAT SHOW! That's literally my reason for living. (Dylan O'Brien is the best thing evverrrrrrr!!) ;D

I love the UK. The accents the food the culture is just AMAZING. So if you live their you're a lucky cheeseball my friend.

Polyvore anyone? You can find me @taylorlove028 or @thenerdyfashionista check out my friend @reganmmays she's SO close to 500!!

Instagram- @boysvsfood (yes it has the some of the best food (junk food))

YOU CAN FIND ME ON WATTPAD-- @SkittlesBishes (yes I love the word bish)

Okay enough of this BAI NOW!!

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