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Hello! I am in love with One Direction and the Vampire Diaries!

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    Hello! I am in love with One Direction and Vampire Diaries! As you can see I have a few favorites. I might upload a fan fiction but if I do it will take alittle while.
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    Update please!
    Hostage - A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction
    Hostage - A Louis...
    A simple trip to the bank. That's all it was. That's all I thought it was going to be. Until I was held hostage. With Louis Tomlinson. Valeria Alden started out her boring day by doing something...
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    Omg so good!
    Love in the Storm
    Love in the Storm
    Sarah was just an ordinary girl with a broken heart. That is until she met Niall Horan in, of all places, a McDonalds parking lot. Will she give him her heart despite her broken past, or will she leave...
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    Please update!! I love this story so much and you are a amzayn writer!
    Meet Me in the Meadow
    Meet Me in the Mea...
    Dreams are like fireflies. You have to catch them in order to see the beauty, but once they stop lighting up, they die. That sums up my life. An eighteen year old girl, who sits alone everyday in the same...
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    Name: Violet Hair:Blond long wavy height: 4'11 about me: I sing and dance. I also know how to fight. I'm not afriad of what people think of me and I will always be myself. I love one direction and vampire diaries!
    A Broken Promise
    A Broken Promise
    When Kayla's brother Louis Tomlinson brings her to meet his band she's afraid of falling for one of the boys.Why,because she doesn't want to get hurt again.To find out what happens you gotta read the story
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