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    updateee! <3
    Will you love me
    Will you love me
    Shiana Gonzalez is a pretty girl who is very lucky to have as much as she has. She has lived in LA all her life and she hates celebrities especially this one justin bieber but what happens when he falls...
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    This is cool can you read mine it's called Familiar a Justlena Love Story :) thanks
    ~Be Alright~
    ~Be Alright~
    This story is about a girl, Jade. She was a cheerleader, blonde with emerald green eyes. She can always count on Selena and Julian, her best friends. She was well until one day ... Nothing was going for...
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    4 years ago
    For sure, and thanks :)
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    Glad you guys like it :) ill try writing in school tomorrow and update when i get home
    Familiar a Justin Bieber Story
    Familiar a Justin...
    Justin Bieber, the cutest boy in school, must i add most popular boy in school. He has guys wanting to be him and girls all over him. Selena Gomez on the other hand, not as famous as Mr. Bieber. But will...
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