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UK's biggest belieber and directioner xxx <3

  • Bieberisawesome
    Wow this was awesome bbz well done xxx <3
    The ghost
    The ghost
    I never told my dad about Alex, he was my secret. Dad wouldn't approve of Alex because he has no mummy and daddy. One time I told him that I had no mummy. He just looked a bit sad. He always looks like...
    6 years ago
    thank you xxx :)
  • Bieberisawesome
    Hey I was wondering, How do u change you book picture cause i dnt no how to xx <3
    Can't love you more than this
    Can't love you mor...
    This is a story about a girl named Laerke. When the story begins she is 16 years old, and live in a little town in Denmark, with her mum, little sister, little brother, stepdad and step sister. She...
    6 years ago
    OK den thanks anyways x
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