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OK. I'm 12, I'm British and I live in the UK. Ohh Yeah..I'm OBSSESSED with JUSTIN BIEBER <3

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    mumbled "My New Story Called 'Trapped' - Justin Bieber Fanfiction"

    OK. So, a girl called Crystal, she's got a dark secret that haunts her mind, thoughts and it hurts her so bad that she doesn't know what to do. She was physically abused, beaten and tormented (I don't know if I spelt that right) by her dad. Her mother just laughs. Crystal's parents abused her day in, day out. One night, they come back from being out (early hours in the morning) and her dad comes in with a knife and starts to stab her, kick her, punch her. She tries to wrestle him off her, but he just stabs her more. Crystal lays fragile on the floor, blood everywhere. Her parents leave the house and never return. The police (cops if you're American or Australian) find her and take her in. She gets put in a children's home, but she breaks out and ends up at the end of a cliff.
    A guy watches her and convinces her to not jump. He's called Justin Bieber. ( a version where he's not famous)
    They become best of friends.

    I don't know if I should put Justin's family and friends in it (including Selena, his ex, but now their dating - real life) Should I add them? Comment (:
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