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i'm a tomboy/directioner, I<3 dying my hair which is green, I from san diego, california, also I'm british, native american puerto rican, african(ghana), norwegian,french, canadian,german,and cuban

  • bianca121
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    I love this story! I'm a tomboy myself love and I can truly relate to hannah!
    P.s from the British califonian
    Runaway love , *One Direction fan fiction*.
    Runaway love , *On...
    Hannah Lovington was a normal girl living in California that her dream was always wanting a family. A family who cares for her. A family who will love her all her life. A family who will be with her through...
    4 years ago
    Thanks and you are not the only one. Im also a tomboy myself at some point but also act like a girly too. :)
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