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  • bianca ortiz
    Please tell me why you think that New York is right next to Las Vegas? And for fúcks sake will you at least try to correct your spelling mistakes, really? Ashtion? It's Ashton it's fùcking phonetic
  • bianca ortiz
    How can she not know how to writ Ashton,calum, Michael, pulled,sweater, clothes, heard, tears, panting or minutes but she can write erection
    Las Vegas and 5sos 16+
    Las Vegas and 5sos...
    Julia goes to las Vegas to see one direction and five seconds of summer when what happens when she meets the Micheal Clifford? remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;) (16+) ************************************...
    3 years ago
    Listen I know I'm a shitty speller. I have excepted it and you are completely right I'm sorry. And also if u have that big of an issue with it u don't have to read it. I'm not trying to be mean but u don't have to read it if u don't want to
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