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Just a girl who loves anime, cartoons, and music. I dance, write, sing and draw. I hope y'all like my stories!

  • Adaeze.Nilaja
    I will cry if they break up! I Luvs the chapter tho!
    Distance Can't Change Us (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)
    Distance Can't Cha...
    Sequel to Coincidental Meeting :) - You don't have to read the first one but it is suggested! See what happens when Maria and Louis are miles apart. Louis is off on tour and Maria is at college studying....
    5 years ago
    Thank you! And just wait for an update to know what will be happening.
    5 years ago
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    I love the Maria and Louis part but now I AM SO MAD AT REID!! ARGH!! Why are u doing this to us!? (still love the chapter)
    5 years ago
    Have to keep suspense going! Glad you like the chapter though!
  • Adaeze.Nilaja
    Please make the sequel! It needs one! PLEASE!!!!! :( I love this story, but it can't just end like that for good!! :( PLEASE!!
    Dancing Darcy
    Dancing Darcy
    Darcy is Harry and Megans child. Harry and Megan met wen Harry was on x-factor and they made love.But Harry leaves her just wen she finds out she's prengnant. And now she's raising a child on her own...
  • Adaeze.Nilaja
    I am in love with this story! Update soon! <3
    The Beastly Beauty?  (Sequel to Beauty and the Beast?)
    The Beastly Beauty...
    It's been four months since Grace Belle, Perrie Edwards, and Maya Canning left the town of Foster. The life in New York has been amazing but... Perrie, Grace, and Maya know that things will never be the...
  • Adaeze.Nilaja
    I luv it!! <3 I can't wait to see wat happens in this sequel! <3
    Tiny Dancer
    Tiny Dancer
    * This is the sequel to Dancing Darcy please read that one first and then this one* People don't know what happens behind these flashing cameras. We have a whole different life. We have a different personality....
  • Adaeze.Nilaja

    mumbled "Harry's Girlfriend"

    Hey everybody! I need someone to play Harry's girlfriend in my story "A Chance Encounter" I want y'all to comment your name, what u look like, your personality, and hoobies or talents. I will pick a few then I want y'all to vote on who would be a better choice for Harry's GF. So let the contest begin!

    P.S. I would love it if you could read my story! THX! <3
    ~Adaeze <3
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