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    It was a cold and windy night. A young girl called Rose that had long blond hair with blue and was wiring scruffy torn jean with a Mickey Mouse top. She was all alone in a dark spooky mansion with had thousands of cobwebs and lots of dust. Rose was only at the house because her mum and dad had fell in love with the house at the first look Rose on the other hand did not. Roses mum were out it was pitch black because there was no lights in the house. Her mum and dad told her to pick a room and start tiding it and to unpack you clothes. But Rose did not want to tidy her Room or unpack her clothes so see set out looking for something to do 10 minutes later see hears a dripping sound drip drip drip so she followed the sound not nothing it will be the thing that kills her…
    She walked in to the room were the dripping sound was coming from. There was nothing there. Then suddenly she felt a cold bony hand on there shoulder she looked round there she felt like running away and nether coming back. Then suddenly she looked up at the sealing and there was blood dripping from the sealing she said to herself “its probably just red paint” but that was impossible the house did not have any red rooms she gulped. She went to look around the mansion a bit more and see what was waiting for her?
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    Hi, thanks for entering but this hasn't been counted. Please make sure that you upload it as a new movella and enter it into the competition using the 'Join This Competition' button in the corner.
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