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high guys ... Beatriz here be glad to call me Betty if u want.. im not a good story maker but i have a big imagination ☺ so yeah i will be honored to read some of your fanfics just suggest it to me .. mkay? ok so yeah cya later my lovelies ~xoxo ♥

p.s. if u can give me some ideas for a new story plz tell me on twitter mkay? @beatriz_tava99

  • Betty ♥
    5 years agoReply
    omg!!! u have to update!!!!! just love this ♥
    Daddy Won't See
    Daddy Won't See
    SEQUEL TO DADDY WON'T KNOW You all know Krissy and Colton's story but you have never read them like this. Meet the new Krissy, or as everyone now calls her Evans, at her new boarding school. She's the...
  • Betty ♥
    5 years agoReply
    Just love it <3
    Forever Young - Another World
    Forever Young -...
    After the loss of Ava. Bonnie and Harry are faced with a whole new set of problems in a whole new world. Being constantly under the public eye may suit some but others cannot handle it. But this moment...
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