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I am huge when it comes to reading! My top five favorite authors are Rick Riordan, J.K Rowling, Suzanne Collins (Not just for the Hunger Games but also the Underland Chronicles), Veronica Roth, and John Green. I don't particularly like One Direction but alot of the fanfiction on it is really good. I'm a huge fan of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus series. I also made a group on Movellas for it. Its called Demigods United if you want to join. As for Hunger Games I'm from District 4. In Hogwarts I'm in Rvenclaw all the way. It really explains me since I am a straight A student in the Gifted and Talented program. I have also read Divergent and am a Erudite completely. I love the Fault in Our Stars and cried a little at the end. (I actually cried a lot.) For a career I want to be a lawyer, author, and/or physicist. That's about it!

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    mumbled "Its Been So Long! "

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    What has it been? A year or two perhaps? I haven't seen any of you forever! Not that anyone would remember me anyway... I never wrote anything. I was an 11 year old and I didn't know what I was doing. My godly parent has changed from Athena to Hades and I've changed as much as the difference between the two. I even left all fandom related activities completely a few months ago... But I'm back and better than ever! My writing skills have improved greatly, though still not perfect, and reflecting back I see my errors. Those who still remember me and still follow me, drop by because I'd love to see you again. ALSO shout out to Annabeth Shadownight, if that's still her name because I know I was extremely annoying back then
    Annabeth Fett
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    Yo... I just saw this now because I haven't been on in ages, but saw the comments on old Movellas. It's okay. I was an annoying person as well. All is forgiven. And I think the name possible was changed to Annabeth Kenobi? Or something...

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