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Hey, I'm mainly a short story writer. Most of my stories are fantasy or crime based as these are the two genres that I find the most captivating. I love using description and imagery in my work.

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    such an amazing idea! the description completely hooked me!
    Ageless and Endless
    Ageless and Endles...
    So you think you have problems? Too much homework? Divorced parents? A sudden death in the family? You've just been dumped? An argument with your bestfriend? Well... Ruin has a few problems as well. He's...
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    hey guys, I'm new to movellas.com, and I have a question. I think a short story that I am working on would be great for the fantasy competition, but I am clueless as to how long the entry should be? would a short story be OK as an entry ?
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    The length of the story has to be no more than 3000 words... You can check how many words your story has by clicking on "order papella." You have to publish your story on here and enter your entry by clicking on the green "Join this Competition" button! :)
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    thank you all! @[Alicia Keyes ] @[E.H.Weaver Nightshade] @[Claire__] all of you have been so welcoming and helpful. I hope you enjoy my story.
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