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  • Beth-Ann
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    I think that "every exquisite thing" refers to the things people can learn/experience in life by taking a chance and listening to who we really are. Nanette's' inner rebel will show her a side of life she would not have experienced if she had not read The bubblegum reaper. Following who you believe you really are.
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    I like this; "Following who you believe you really are" rather than being who other people think you should be :)
  • Beth-Ann
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    This is my favorite:

    For the Children or the Grown-Ups

    Tis the week before Christmas and every night
    As soon as the children are snuggled up tight
    And have sleepily murmured their wishes and prayers,
    Such fun as goes on in the parlour downstairs!
    For Father, Big Brother, and Grandfather too,
    Start in with great vigour their youth to renew.
    The Grown-ups are having great fun - all is well;
    And they play till it's long past their hour for bed.

    They try to solve puzzles and each one enjoys
    The magical thrill of mechanical toys,
    Even Mother must play with a doll that can talk,
    And if you assist it, it's able to walk.
    It's really no matter if paint may be scratched,
    Or a cogwheel, a nut, or a bolt gets detached;
    The grown-ups are having great fun - all is well;
    The children don't know it, and Santa won't tell.
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