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17 years of age. My my my I haven't been on this in 2 years.. whoops.. I think I might start a fresh with new stories!!!

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    mumbled "I met an author the other day..."

    Well I met an author the other day at my school and she did this little workshop thing with a little groupp that included me. Half way through she stopped us and gave us a little lectrue on how to become a good writer. She said that to become a good writer you need to be in a quiet room and to not listen to any music. Well anyway we continued the workshop blah blah blah. I told her about my books and about Movellas yada yada yada.
    But what gets me wondering is that I can't right anything creative without listening to a Lion King sound track and it helps me come up with ideas. Can any of you guys write and listen to music or do you have to be in a quiet room? Because I have to write listening to a soundtrack playlist from the Lion King!!!
  • Beth Holyoak
    omg this is really good. me being twfanmily myself. :-) x
    Glad You Came
    Glad You Came
    The Wanted. One of the best bands around! But what happens when one of the band makes Belle an offer she can't refuse and how can they keep it a secret?
  • Beth Holyoak
    I like all the words you have used in this piece. It grabs the readers attention brilliantly. Well done. Good Luck x
    Stuck in the middle
    Stuck in the middl...
    A poem from the point of view from a tree in a war ground and what it see's. This is a competition entry so please like, fav and comment :)
  • Beth Holyoak
    Hiya I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS BOOK XD!! I have two Morvellas on the go if ya wanna read them and feedback would be brilliant. There called The Boy With The Bright Blue Eyes and the other one is Trapped. x
    Tick Tock, Death Clock
    Tick Tock, Death...
    Danni can see the date that people are going to die, and knows she will be the first one to die in her year, probably due to suicide. However, the dates in her year group all suddenly change to the month...
    6 years ago
    Thanks for reading! I will read your books for certain :)
    Beth Holyoak
    6 years ago
    thank you erin x
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