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Hi. I'm from Hungary. And I love the blogs that isn't in my language. I write blogs to. But in hungarion.

  • BernadettSzeman
    Hi. I'm from Hungary. I love your story or how I can say. This is the first story that I read it in Englis and wow.( And I proud of me because I undersand.). Update! Or in hungarian: következ?t. (((: ummm and sorry for the mistakes but I'm learning the language.
    My Special Princess
    My Special Princes...
    Fifteen year old Johanna is just another teenager, she's pretty good in school, has understanding parents and the best friends. When her bestie Kate suddenly surprises her with tickets to their favorite...
    Karisitay <3
    5 years ago
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    wow you have written really well :) the only mistake you wrote was using 'me' instead of myself. Which they mean the same thing but yeah only if someone wants to be really picky. Im hopless at learning new languages, congratulations on reading this book :) Good Luck wiht the rest of English
    5 years ago
    Thank you. For all. :)
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