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Please read and rate my stories and I'll do the same for you :') xo

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    Amazing <3
    In The Sky | Chapter 2
    In The Sky | Chapt...
    You have heard it from Izalla’s perspective – now it is time to watch Kieran’s tale unravel too. Follow Kieran to see his version of events run parallel to Izalla’s, where one symbol existing in one moment...
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    It was soo good! :') Update!!!xxxo
    Alone in the world
    Alone in the world
    I'm alone and the world has ended. All alone. My world is changing and I'm trying to find out what's happening. I'm falling in love with someone at the wrong time. I'm alone in this world
    Summer Blue
    5 years ago
    Thankkyouuu xx
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    ill read it tomorrow is that ok??x
    Finding light in the darkness.
    Finding light in...
    Lily's life isn't perfect. It's exactly the opposite. So she puts on a brave face and doesn't let anyone in. Her mom died when she was 12, and her dad is a drunk who doesn't even remember her name half...
    5 years ago
    Yeah! No probz! xo
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    mumbled "New Story!!!"

    I havent had inspiration for a good book since before Christmas and I'm looking for someone nice and enthusiastic to write a joined story with!! :) xo Please no weirdos (hahahaha only kidding) ... Love & Nargles.. Emma <3
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