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Okay... First off, my name is Bella.
I love to write, (DUH! That's why I go on Movellas!)
I am obsessed with the Hunger Games. (I had just finished MockingJay a few months ago.)
I am a crazy person, so do not call me a normal person.
I love to learn!
I love to sing, I can rap Iggy style.
Feel free to comment any spelling corrections on my Movellas, they can help a lot.
Okay, I guess this is the end... BYE!

  • ZipZapped
    3 years agoReply
    Best movella I have seen so far! I hope you do well! I am seriously going to tell everyone I know!!!
    Thriller Land
    Thriller Land
    One day, two girls were born. They were best friends. They were also freaks. (In a good way.) But the other girl got curious when she noticed that her best friend was avoiding social interaction...
  • ZipZapped
    4 years agoReply
    Any Stylists??? Stylists get to pick out the clothes!!!
    The Virtual Hunger Games! (Trying Really Hard to Make this a Thing)
    The Virtual Hunger...
    Okay, so... First off, I do not want anyone to be offended by this Movella. A lot of you have made their own virtual Hunger Games. But I haven't, I wanted to be able to draw the tributes and stuff. (More...
  • ZipZapped

    mumbled "Deleting... Sorry! "

    4 years agoReply
    I have decided to delete my movella: The Real me. It is way not something I would write. I have decided to re-event my account so... Yeah, Do not worry! I am not canceling My Virtual Hunger Games! Also, if you haven't joined... PLEASE JOIN! Everyone is welcome.
  • ZipZapped
    4 years agoReply
    I am joining district 8. No matter what I get if I am to be reaped, I will write, and there will be no extra time if I do not finish. I will be judged and if I do not win, I accept that.
    The First Annual Movella Games!
    The First Annual...
    Have you ever wanted to be in the Hunger Games? Well you can enter The Movella Games! Read the following in this movella.
  • ZipZapped
    4 years agoReply
    I would like to join District 12 with the fandom Doctor Who and the genre Realism.
    I am able to reach Movellas on August 1st and 9th for the reaping and start of the games.
    I have an idea prepared for both fandom and genre if I am to be reaped.
    I pledge that if I am reaped for something I am not happy with I chose at own risk and I will not be moved and still have to take part in the games.
    Catching Paper *The 2nd Writing Games*
    Catching Paper *Th...
    More tributes, more victors - more surprises in store! *COMING TO YOU AUGUST 9TH 2014*
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