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  • Bella D
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    Honestly I loved this book so much I finished it in 3 days! Please make a sequel cause I really LOVED this book!!!<3
    My 17 Year Old Life With A Touch Of 5SOS
    My 17 Year Old Lif...
    Arabella Tucker, a 17 year old girl, wins a contest to go on tour with her favorite band. What will happen? What if more then one boy falls for her? Who will she choose? How will she handle all the fame...
    2 years ago
    aw thank you so much! That means so much <3 i think im am finished with this book. but you should check out some of my other books i have :)
  • Bella D
    3 years agoReply
    Don't worry take your time! I'm so sorry to hear that, stay strong!!!❤️
    The Hemmings Family. (The babysitter sequel.)
    The Hemmings Famil...
    He was her babysitter, her lover and her baby daddy. But what happens when he suddenly asks her to marry him? Will everything go as planned for the Hemmings family? Or will something get in the way and...
  • Bella D
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    This is amazing ��
    Am I Dreaming or Living In Reality?
    Am I Dreaming or...
    Isabel is a normal, well, not exactly "normal" girl. She and her friend go to a 5SOS concert. The most amazing thing happens after the concert... They meet 5SOS!!!!!! Not only that, but Luke asks Isabel...
    3 years ago
    Thank you sm!!!
  • Bella D
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    I love this so much��
    I Like Them Punk // Michael Clifford Fan Fic
    I Like Them Punk...
    Emily Winchester is a normal 17 year old girl from Terra Linda, California (if dying your hair a different color every three months, wearing tattered black jeans with plaid shirts, and having an obsession...
    Bella D
    3 years ago
    No problem, it's just the truth����
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