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Sarcastic, dry, has a queer sense of black humour. Won't get a joke until halfway home, then laughs as if having a panic attack for no apparent reason. Doesn't like cats on leads or Hello Kitty. Loves shows like How I Met Your Mother, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Happy Endings, Hustle, etc.
Loves Robert Downey Jr, Dwayne Johnson, Zooey Deschanel etc. You can join BeingThatCat's Hustle and Sherlock fan club if you want.
Enjoys making memes. BeingThatCat's memes can be found on ImageChef under "BeingThatCat"
The probably hard to understand profile picture, the tortoise is a picture of Sheldon, the pet.
Isn't he so adorable! He is my life.
My life.
I mean, he looks just like this:

Okay, *hee whoo* Loves manga and anime, though probably prefers manga. A first class otaku! If you are one as well you can also check out BeingThatCats profiles and Mangalists on Baka Updates and Myanimelist.net under "BeThatCat."
Extremely bookish, and is often considered "weird, but in a good way" by accquaintances.
Lives for compliments but also gets a swelled head easily...
Has five sisters and a brother. But they don't all live together. Thank god and all things holy for that.

  • BeingThatCat

    mumbled "ah...*sigh*"

    The new school year is looming over me like a huge black hole of depression leeching me dry of all energy and happiness accumulated over this blissful break of beaches and reading manga like there's no tomorrow only to end in such a horrible, heart breaking fashion, making me drown in the stagnant pool that is my sorrow.
    I also need a new laptop.
    I have no money.
  • BeingThatCat

    mumbled "*blub blub blub*"

    Les Miserables just finished on telly and I'm crying my eyes out right now. The last time I did that was last August, when I fell down the stairs and bruised a rib.
    The only other movie that made me cry was Waitress. The two sole books that made me cry in my entire lifetime are The Book Thief and The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.
    I hate crying.
    Feels totally gross.
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️
    I know I've been trying to make myself cry and it's not working
    2 years ago
    Preslee Lily Potter ❤️
    And I didnt cry while I was reading the fault in our stars
  • BeingThatCat

    mumbled "Uh..."

    I'm laying on my back as I type this, and just a second ago when I yawned, my back clicked. And my thumb keeps clicking as well. I think I should get myself checked out or something.
  • BeingThatCat

    mumbled "...huh."

    My sister and her children are over so I'm pretending to be asleep so she doesn't drag me into baby sitting.
    I can't deal with kids over three years. It's at that age when they learn to talk back, and the cling*italics*. Like,
    A lot.
    They're getting smarter and smarter every day and even though I'm a straight a student and everything, it makes me think I'm the underachiever of the family.
    I mean, I'm a prefect, but my little brother pis head boy. My older sister is studying a seven year course in Leicster Uni, my other sister is studying abroad in America, my other sister has a phd in psychology, and so on.
    Even though I'm still in school, it really makes me wonder what I'm doing wih my life.
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