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    You cant do this! NO! Im nearly in tears
    Daddy Won't See
    Daddy Won't See
    SEQUEL TO DADDY WON'T KNOW You all know Krissy and Colton's story but you have never read them like this. Meet the new Krissy, or as everyone now calls her Evans, at her new boarding school. She's the...
  • beccachin
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    Hey, to anyone who reads this story on a daily bases, thanks! I might not be the best story writer yet but i try my best! Im going to write a new chapter, and i still have no idea what to base it on.. if anyone has any ideas for chapter 5, tommorows upload comment sometime today or early tommorow to get credit on my story!
    See you guys later,
    Fangirl-The Next Chapter
    Fangirl-The Next...
    This is a fanfiction based around the book written by Rainbow Rowell. It shows the next chapter of Levi and Caths relationship, Wrens ongoing achol problems and how Cath continues through her college...
    2 years ago
    Sorry i meant chapter 4, getting ahead of myself!
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