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    why: I have been bullied so much while growing up and I don't want others to feel what I and many others have felt or thought. I hate that there is the cliché groups at school and people are picked on for how they look, how they dress, because they're intelligent. The list goes on and it's ridiculous that people can't get on and that it's part of human nature. I still get bullied at school over stupid things and there have been times were I just don't want to live anymore and I'm not afraid to admit that, but I strongly believe that bullying needs to stop and I know that is going to be almost impossible but awareness is needed and people need to stop ignoring the situation because it's the easiest option.

    (I don't have friends on here but I want to help raise awareness)
    Stop Bullying, Speak Up!!
    Stop Bullying, Spe...
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