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by , Wednesday September 13, 2017
Alright, m father hated me playing soccer and every thing about it before my parents split but know he loves soccer and everything thing about it and its just so hard for me too be with him/at his house when that makes me so mad and I hate it so much where I don't stay here any more I more of just come and visit then leave and when I am here I just hide away and don't really talk to him ugghhhhhh life sucks right now.

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    I always thought that I would never date my bestfriend but I am and I am so happy I did he is the hey I am going to joke and care and love you till the ends of earth but when heneeds to be will be really protective and and he there when your sad and so what I am saying is that if you guys are best friends then that dosent mean you cant date. So just go for it!! ����������
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