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Hello! I'm Sav-Nav. Transitioning. Scared if anyone finds out. Transboy.


Be More Chill
Dear Evan Hansen
The Book of Mormon
School of Rock
21 Chump Street
SpongeBob the Musical

Drop by and say hi if you've seen any of these musicals or are obsessed with them.

p.s. check out Be More Chill! It's pretty darn good for a non-Broadway production


Musical Reviews!! - Be More Chill

by , Tuesday February 6, 2018
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 Musical Reviews!! - Be More Chill

Be More Chill?

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  • Sav-Nav 🐝🐢


    idc about the plot
    4 days ago
    Her name was Everlyn. She had striking green eyes and long, curly black hair. She had a way of seeing the world that no one Hayden had met ever shared. It wasn't long before Hayden started to get feelings for the girl...
    Sav-Nav 🐝🐢
    One thing led to another and Hayden found himself getting closer to the group of girls. He even struck up a conversation with Everlyn. Yeah, that was her name. Everlyn... Hayden though it had suited her perfectly. Days had turned to weeks and Hayden was stumbling through another conversation with Everlyn - something about.. play signup? - when he accidentally slipped his feelings for her...
    2 days ago
  • Sav-Nav 🐝🐢
    Y'know... I can't wait to see 'the dark sides'. I also tried to email you but... it didn't work and said your account didn't exist. try emailing me at : squipping26@gmail.com
    Shadows and Sickness
    Shadows and Sickne...
    Everyone was too busy taking care of a sick persona to notice the person in the shadows, waiting to make the perfect appearance.
    Sav-Nav 🐝🐢
    nah I didn't type it wrong. I checked and double checked.
    5 days ago
    I just checked. I'm the one that spelled it wrong...it's fixed now...but I emailed you
    Sav-Nav 🐝🐢
    Thanks buddy!
  • Sav-Nav 🐝🐢

    mumbled "Sooooo"

    So I wanna ask out this girl but I don't know how. She's an amazing person overall but... I don't know her sexuality. Any tips to avoid total embarrassment and how not to ruin a friendship?
    Sav-Nav 🐝🐢
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    Yeah. I can't blame her though for turning down my offer. I'm so ridden with anxiety and depression it's not funny. I'm surprised myself that I actually asked her out to start with.
    Book Maker
    5 days ago
    Yes, you should be proud of yourself that you asked her. Many other peoples wouldn’t be that that confident to ask a person out (Meh xD)
    Sav-Nav 🐝🐢
    Yeah XD

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