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    please update
    Victoria Riddle The Beggining
    Victoria Riddle...
    If you asked Victoria to describe herself in four words, she's probably say, "I am a rebel." And that statement could not have been truer. And her tendency to be rebellious got her in a lot of trouble....
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    please update
    A Forgotten Magical Creation
    A Forgotten Magica...
    Scarlet Red Membles is a magically created person. The only problem os she doesn't know about her true origin. Her perpose was to accompany her "sister" ,Evergreen Membles.But one day,a barn owl was seen...
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    please update
    Broken Lovers (Sequel to Forbidden Lovers)
    Broken Lovers (Seq...
    It's time for Rose's second year at Hogwarts. But it isn't going to be easy when people discover a power that Rose has...It needs to be controlled. It doesn't help that her romance with a certain boy...
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    why couldn't harry go live with Lily's parents they have Lily's blood too
    Questions for J.K Rowling
    Questions for J.K...
    This is what all you Potter-heads have been waiting for! We all love Harry Potter. But have there been times when you just felt as though you couldn't wrap your mind around something? Or had burning questions...
    Crazy Nutter Oakenshield
    I don´t thinkk they´re alive anymore. I mean, Dudley never mentions a grandma.
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