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Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Song: Crying in the Club by Camila Cabello
Favorite Band: One Direction
Favorite Superhero: Loki (F**k superheroes all I need is Loki.)
Favorite Movie: Lion King
Favorite Quote: “I am Groot.” - Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy (If you don’t understand him, trust me he said something very motivational.)

Single [], Taken [], Taken by someone who doesn’t even know I exist [X!!!]

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    More! More! MORE!!
    Humanity's Gate
    Humanity's Gate
    In the year 3097, Humanity has made great leaps in technology. No longer do we have cities, states, or countries. Instead we are all united under one great Enterprise. The Argon Enterprise...
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    Alright will do!
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