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EVVVIIILLLLL . MAHHHHH !!! Yeah, I love Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. I am ten, but you have to be 13.

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    Children love Tracy Beaker because they can relate to it. No , not every one is in a care home. But sometimes people think they want to be. They shouldn't wish that, they should appreciate every thing they've got. You've heard this a million times but, parents only shout and fight because they are stressed. Maybe they genuinely stopped loving each other. I only have a mum , I'm fine. I try to be grate full and show gratitude , bur sometimes they make me so mad that want to just get away. I started watching Tracy Beaker before I went to school in the mornings. Then I got a compiter and started watching it on Iplayer, Youtube. ect. I also fell in love with other shows like Young Dracula, The Sparticle Mystery and Wolfblood. It can be hard to not watch some shows. But like I said, keep your chin up and try your best. My inbox is always open. xoxo
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