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Just close your eyes and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life.

Call me a weirdo idc. Did you know life is too short to be sad or mad?

Come here I'll give you a warm hug.

I'm spontaneously slightly over the top only managing to be undoubtedly witty always bordering on the line of sarcasm.

I'm experiencing life and I love you all.

I'm a teenager whose hopelessly quiet frankly a hopeless romantic who spaces out a lot and reminds herself that she has to graduate highschool...because her future is waiting for her.

Shaping today to become tomorrow boarding the line of the future never the past.

All the love - B.

Spreading peace, hot tea, cookies, and goofy giggles along with my overly big smile!!

Email:: corneliousbriana5@gmail.com
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