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“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.”-The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

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    mumbled "Hello Again!"

    Hi! Feels like ages since I was last on Movellas and probably longer since I spoke to any of you properly, which I'm really sorry for. Sometimes life just catches you up, doesn't it? It's like every now and then there are these periods where nothing's happening, but they're usually followed by this massive load of work and activities- this is a quiet time right now, but when school starts again I'll be all over the place :-) I guess I haven't really had much time for Movellas recently which I'm sad about because I really like it on here, but if I don't get another chance to be here for a while, I just want to thank everyone who's been so kind and supportive to me for almost two years. I hope you know who you are and it means a lot :-) But anyway, I've read lots of good books recently that I can recommend and plan to do lots more writing in between schoolwork, so... Yeah. Hello :-)
    B. Anonymous
    1 years ago
    I've been well, thanks! How've you been?
    B. Anonymous
    1 years ago
    Thanks mate, great to see you too!
    How come you never come on anymore? I was reading some of your stories a minute ago (I'm such a bad sister! I haven't even looked at your page since 2014) but I noticed you haven't published in a while. I know you have been working on a few things so maybe you could publish them on here? x

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    SORRY, BUT I'M DELETING YOU FROM MY LIFE! *clickz delete* LOADING...###### 99% ..................ERROR! It is impossible to delete our friendship. You mean so much to me! [Post this to 10 people's walls who you never want to lose. If you get 3 back, you're an amazing person
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    Hi! Feels like I haven't been on Movellas in ages, but when I checked the new competition and saw your entry, I thought I might give it a look- I'm glad I did! Obviously it's only the first chapter so I can't give much CC but the story's developing nicely- you've gone for the "internet friendship gone wrong" option (I think :-)) and I'm already quite intrigued to find out more about the mysterious Zac Walters and his relationship with the protagonist. Plus, the descriptions of tea at the start were very appealing :-) Good luck for the competition and (I know it's annoying) please update soon!
    “Come on darling. Show me. I'm the only thing you've got...”
    Enya Sanders☕️
    Ohmygosh it's been forever since we've talked hi hi hi! Thank you so much for the comment, happy that you're enjoying it :). And I just updated ;)
    B. Anonymous
    1 years ago
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    Yay :-)
  •  River_Summers ☕️
    These aren't necessarily Movellas that I've read thoroughly- more like skimmed. Oh well.

    Nominations for best Movella overall:

    The Barbie ProjectThree girls - pretty, popular,cool. One school assignment - not of the ordinary kind. Add an out of reach love interest, a boy with an unreasonable grudge...
    by @[Mirlotta]
    HomophobiaThis story is about a boy named Hinra Usagi, a homosexual boy who has held his secret in for longer than he can remember. When a boy leads him to try a...
    by @[Medivor]

    Nominations for best Sherlock Movella:

    Warped Logic |~| A Johnlock NovelSherlock Holmes - London's most famous detective. Renowned for his sharp logic and accurate observations, Sherlock is loved by all - except for the crimina...
    by @[shaving monkeys sparrow]
    Just Once - J♥hnl♥ck -♥A Johnlock by MahoganyPumpkin™♥ Some feedback would be really helpful!
    by @[MahoganyPumpkin™]

    Nominations for best Adventure Movella:

    The Fire WithinAdena has the fire within. Nothing will ever be the same. [SUPERLY AMAZING FANTASTIC OH MY DAYS BRILLIANT COVER BY @Lily Anna Nightshade]
    by @[Zoe Shadownight]
    New YorkAfter Nick finds himself in an inverted world, he is forced to step up as a hero that shouldn't be allowed to exist
    by @[sandalphon]

    Nomination for best Diary Movella:

    Dude: My Sexuality-entry for the diary competition- Luke, a teenage boy who's world is currently upside down, is faced with the challenge of accepting who he is. This...
    by um.... I can't remember. Oops.

    Nominations for best Fantasy Movella:

    HourWith questions gripped to his chest he wonders who is friend or foe in this desolating campus. All he knows is that things are not what it seems-- he isn't...
    by @[Naruko Lan]
    Childish Things (for the fantasy...FOR ALL LIKES AND FAVOURITES, PLEASE LOOK AT THE ORIGINAL MOVELLA, THIS IS JUST A COPY FOR THE FANTASY CONTEST. Thank you :) I've been told you can...
    by @[TheTravellingLemon]

    Nomination for best Mystery/Suspense Movella:

    What They KnowImagine what someone could do, of they could read your mind. They wouldn't need to hack computers, to infiltrate organisations to get information. They'd...
    by @[TheTravellingLemon]

    Best Historical Movella:

    HanneloreIt's 1926, and Hannelore Bauer is an English girl of German descent, who must battle through the prejudice and discrimination from the left over tensions...
    by @[TheFuzz ϟ]
    Deliver Us From Evil*Completed* 1930 Ireland St John’s Reformatory School for Boys and Wayward Girls has a distinctive but operative way of treating the insubordinate adoles...
    by @[Lauren Mercier ]

    Best Journalism:

    “Mummy’ll Fetch the Scissors…”Though we don’t acknowledge it as such, female genital mutilation is a growing problem all over the world today; practised in 42 African countries and...
    by @[B. Anonymous ]

    Best Romance Movella:

    Invisible MeCURRENTLY EDITING. My name is Tom-Zeus. Yeah, really, it is. Nine summers ago, my family moved from the paradise of Brussels, France, to the wild city...
    by @[TheRandomPanda]

    Best Lyrics Movella:

    Song ParodiesWhat's your favourite song? Think about that one and now imagine what a twisted version would be like..... There you go - hey presto, it's here! You...
    by Multiple Authors

    Best non-fiction Movella:

    I am a FANGIRLThis is the guide for anyone, young or old, who can proudly claim, "I am a FANGIRL!"
    by multiple authors

    Best Other Movella:

    Lily Anna's Cover Store [OPEN]Welcome to Lily Anna's Cover Store! :) If you would like a cover please read the info page first and fill in the details I will need. Please follow the...
    by @[Lily Anna Nightshade]
    ANIT-BULLYING POSTERMy anti-bullying poster for Chloe_123_x 's Anti-bullying Competition. Please like, favourite and comment. Thank you!
    by @[shaving monkeys sparrow]

    Best Paranormal and Supernatural Movella:

    by @[Harley Jeans]
    Tick Tock, Death ClockDanni can see the date that people are going to die, and knows she will be the first one to die in her year, probably due to suicide. However, the dates...
    by @[erin-the-strange]

    Best Animal Movella:

    The Lion's RoarThe lions are ancient creatures - extinct by a thousand years. The human race let this happen, because of pollution and skin companies. But one lions spiri...
    by @[Bells Hunter]

    Best Sceenplay Movella:

    MurdersIt's a murder scene. Hope you enjoy...! Forgive me. I may have used a teensy bit-well a lot of parentheses.
    by @[Rohini N]

    Best Poetry Movella:

    Is this love?A poem about love. *not based on true*
    by @[shaving monkeys sparrow]

    The Movelly Awards
    The Movelly Awards
    *drumroll* Welcome to the 1st Movelly Awards 2014!!!!! Nominate someone below for each category and awesome prizes up for grabs! See chapters for details!
    Bells Hunter
    1 years ago
    Thank you so much <3
    1 years ago
    Thank you so much! :D (I'm really sorry for thanking you so late - I didn't get a notification :/)
     River_Summers ☕️
    Oh, that's fine! 8) =D
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