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I believe that reading is nothing but a sort of what I would call metaphysical writing—a very exciting yet tiring experience to re-discover the order of things. A good reader—most certainly not the one who seeks “le plaisir du texte”, to use Roland Barthes’s words—builds a parallel text: on the most obvious level, a good reader is the one who thoroughly pays attention to the blanks in-between, and is the one who eagerly attempts to fill in the ''gaps''. Thus, one’s endeavour—at least for me—ought to be having hands on reading skills. It is for this reason I am not a writer, but rather a reader. And it is for this reason again, we must learn to think before we write, and not merely as we write.

  • Aziz Qaissi
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    I very much loved this how-to guide. I set it as my favourite.
    Thank you so much, really.
    Writing Tips
    Writing Tips
    All my blog posts on writing in one place :) - Creating Characters - Character Description - General Description - Narration - Action - Realistic Dialogue -Presenting Your Own World - A Motivational Push...
    Molly Looby
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    Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! If you ever think of anything specific that you would like advice or help on I'd be happy to help :)
  • Aziz Qaissi

    mumbled "Words and Pictures"

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    “Words are our gods! And somebody is insulting our religion!”
    Worlds, I’ve been struggling
    Words, I’ve been fighting:
    These pictures are distorting my presence,
    A violation of a sheer existence.

    I hit the words, and my tongue
    —with no colours—
    Is shrinking to death.
    I could hear the rumble of words,
    Sweeping those tiny worlds,
    Throwing away the layers of earthly years.
    I stood there as long as I could breathe,
    And pictures—dead—were shattered,
    Scattered about the heath, and underneath.
    My gods I say:
    A word is worth a thousand pictures;
    A picture is worth a thousand lies.
    Aziz Qaissi
    3 years ago
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    That's my first contribution in the community. Any welcomes?
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