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Just a nerdy fangirl here.

So I will do this like Kakashi-sensei taught us:

I'm Teannina,but my friends call Ayumi or Yumi.
I like (LOVE!!!) Shikamaru *-*, Pork Ramen, Mochi, history and books.
I dislike Sasuke "the duck-butt", fish, fries, broken headphones and people who judge others without knowing them.
My hobbies are reading, going to the Forrest, listening to music, talking and hanging out with my friends.
My dream for the future is to become a historican.

My favorite anime
Attack on Titan
One Piece
Rainbow Nisha Rokubõ no Shichinin

My favorite books:
The Outsider
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus
Books about history

Favorite TV shows
NCIS (up till Ziva left)
Documentaries about history
South Park
Family Guy

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