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    One dark, spooky and dull night a a girl called Trina was in bed when she heard this loud bang.(BANG!) She decided to forget about it and go back to sleep, but she heard it again but this time someone or something was calling out her name... Trinaaa Trinaaaa. Trina was daunted at this very point but she still went to investigate. As she slowly headed toward the old, wooden staircase she saw a blury and black figure slowly heading up the stairs and banging something that looked like a coffin up the stairs while banging it against the wall! She started to head up the stairs that lead up to the loft. When she finally reached there she saw nothing. But as she was about to leave she notice something moving under a white dusty sheet, so she nervously pulled it off. Once it was all off it only revalled a dummy sitting on the couch. The dummy said to her " Trina you shouldn't be here right now it's way past your bed time"! Trina replied ha ha Zack i know its you now stop falling around and come out from behind the sofa right now". At that very point her brother walked in. "Hi Tina i heard banging in the hall was it you"? The children looked at each other worridelly. "How nice for you to join us Zack ". At that very moment the children realized it was there dad speaking but before they could do anything the room went black and the next thing they knew they were in hospital on a life monitor!
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    Hi, thanks for entering but this hasn't been counted. Please make sure that you upload it as a new movella and enter it into the competition using the 'Join This Competition' button in the corner.
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