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    mumbled "i think i may be in love!"

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    Chapter one: ll

    Kendall Pov:

    I woke up today knowing it was going to be a horrible day! Just knowing the fact that i have to go to detention for three daysl because i puched my ex boyfriend Jason in the face and pushed him into a locker!

    *My dean is the worst ever! Ms. Jenny. Dont get me started on her she is the worst!*

    I get to school my bestfriends Lauren and Peyton walk up to me

    "Dude everyone is talking about you!" Peyton said in a serious face

    "Leo was licking my foot this morning" Lauren said out of the blue!

    Leo is her dog!

    "LAUREN! Back on track!" Peyton yelled

    Dinnnggggg the bell rings

    "I better get to chemistry Mr. Layzer is goin to yell at me"

    "Bye ken" Peyton and Lauren said

    bad i know ill try to get better
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